Powerful or serene, CAMP Yoga has a class for every mood and every goal. Grab your mat and get ready to OM from your home.

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  • Yoga - Root with Jamie

    During this class you will move with precision and focus on strength and alignment. This class consists of many familiar postures linked clearly with the breath. Build your foundation by rooting down to rise up.

  • Yoga - Root Flow with Leigh

    Powerful vinyasa flow, with an emphasis on balancing and twisting postures.

  • Yoga - Adult Nap with Marley

    Guided meditation into yogic sleep - a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, that has been proven to reduce stress

  • Yoga - Soul Flow with Marley

    Lots of movement, breath and a little extra spiritual focus that ties in deeper yogic philosophy to the physical practice.

  • Yoga - Flow to Crow with Jamie

    In this class we fire up the core early on and take it with us throughout the flow. The sequence will help you strengthen and prepare the body for different variations of Bakasana, Crow pose. If you are new to arm balancing or have been doing it for years this class has a little bit for everyone.

  • Yoga - Handstand Drill #1 with Ashley

    Build up your strength and confidence to work into a tuck handstand with these drills. Be prepared to use a bolster/pillow and a wall!

  • Yoga - Wrist Warm Up with Elaina

  • Yoga - Root with Elaina

    Hatha-based practice with an emphasis on breath and alignment.

  • Yoga - Meditation with Marley

    This meditation in inspired by the heartmath institute. A meditation to create ease and lower anxiety

  • Yoga - Express with Leigh

    Build heat quickly in this express class that emphasizes balance and twist postures.

  • Yoga - Hip Hop Flow with Ashley

    Flow to your favorite hip hop jams in this energetic vinyasa flow class. This class will focus on hips and hamstrings to build up to Bird of Paradise. Playlist available on the CAMP2GO Spotify.

  • Yoga - Root with Anne

    A class that focus on breath, alignment and longer holds. Expect to incorporate basic postures of twists, heart openers and some surprise core work.

  • Yoga - Warrior Workshop with Jamie

    In this short 8 minute video we will breakdown the strength and alignment for various warrior poses. Go back to the basics and to deepen your asana knowledge

  • Yoga - Express with Ashley

    Build heat quickly in this 35 minute express Vinyasa Style flow focusing on heart opening and balance.

  • Yoga - Root Flow with Meg

    Link foundational postures and movement to breath. Enjoy a grounding practice that uses the whole body and offers a steady pace

  • Yoga - Restore with Melissa

    Let yourself fully relax in this blend of yin & restorative yoga. A passive practice with mostly supine & seated postures.

  • Yoga - Move to Meditate with Michelle

    30 minutes of a slow flow that prepares the body to sit for a breath focused meditation

  • Yoga - All Wall with Ashley

    Using the wall in your yoga practice can be a beneficial tool when focusing on alignment and building strength. This class is perfect for all levels as it incorporates basic postures with added challenges as well as opportunities to take your practice to the next level.

  • Yoga - Hips + Hamstrings with Jamie

    The physical practice of yoga is 50% strength and 50% flexibility. In this class, we will challenge your mobility and build new strength in the hamstrings and hips.

  • Yoga - LSD with Marley

    LSD: long, slow, deep stretching that leads to altered state of body and maybe even your mind.

  • Yoga - Power Flow + Chill with Megan

    Link foundational postures and movement to breath. A grounding practice that uses the whole body and offers a steady pace and then relax into longer holds and postures.

  • Yoga - Active Recovery with Michelle

    Slow down your practice and tune into your breath and active stretches that will help you properly recover. Class includes strap and block.

  • Yoga - Ladder Flow with Ashley

    Build strength, stability and balance in your practice with this fun flow sequence that builds upon itself. This class is made for all levels and includes opportunities for inversions and arm balances.

  • Yoga - Root with Marley

    Build mobility and stability with this foundational practice that places an emphasis on the breath. Finish practice with a guided meditation to calm your nervous system and find stillness.