Less equipment, more gainz. You’ll jump, lift, squat, and burn your way through the most challenging classes you’ve ever loved.

  • HIIT - Circuit with Joe

    In this class you will find different variations of upper body and lower body strength movements, combined with
    plyometric movemoments

  • HIIT - Arms and Abs with Jeffrey

    Get ready for a full body workout with circuit blocks that focus heavily on your upper body and core.

  • HIIT - Circuit + Weights Upper Body with Reggie

    Move through various circuits with a heavy focus on the upper body - arms and abs. Class includes weights for the extra burn.

  • HIIT - Core Express with Ali

    A quick 25 minute total ab burnout with 2 blocks of intense core work and stretching to start/finish off class.

  • HIIT - EMOMS with Sam

  • HIIT - Ass and Abs with Dani

    Lower body focus including isometric holds and pulses to give you the ultimate booty burn. Bands and/or weights can be used to give this 45 min. workout an added challenge, but can be done body weight.

  • HIIT - Circuit + Weights with Roddy

    Full body circuit that focuses in on technique and builds strength while moving through various levels of familiar movements. Weights are optional.

  • HIIT - Full Body with Erin

    Full Body interval training with the use of light weights for that extra burn (weights optional!)

  • HIIT - Agility Circuit with Lance

    Full Body Circuit with a focus on agility training that involves plyometric movements and fast-paced movement patterns

  • HIIT - Circuit with Sam

  • HIIT - Full Body with Danielle

    Move through a full body burn hitting arms, legs and core. Optional light weights and band to add the extra gains!

  • HIIT - Circuit + Weights with Reggie

    Lower Body focus circuit that includes slow and controlled movements to help you gain strength while also getting your heart rate up! Optional weights to feel the extra burn!

  • HIIT - Yoga Blend with Erinn and Leigh

    30 min. Full- Body HIIT followed by a 30 min. vinyasa flow. Optional to use mini weights!

  • HIIT - Arms + Abs with Summer

    Get your heart rate up while moving through an upper-body focused HIIT working into your arms and abs! Optional to use mini weights.

  • HIIT - AMRAP with Andrew

    Build strength as you move through a total of 4 AMRAPS focusing on technique and form. Optional to use a weight for extra resistance!

  • HIIT - All Ass with Glenn

    25 min. of straight booty work focusing on all lower body to really feel the burn! Pair this class with an Abs Express or Yoga Express to continue to build full body strength. Band is optional to add extra resistance!

  • HIIT - Full Body with Alyssa

    Move through a full-body HIIT focusing on all muscle groups. Lots of reps of familiar movements to get your heart rate up and option to use light weights to add the extra resistance!

  • HIIT - All Abs with Nancy

    Burn out your core with this 30 min. Ab focused class

  • HIIT - Ass and Abs with Roddy

    Build strength in muscle in this lower body focused class that burns out your legs, glutes and core! Optional to incorporate weights to add the extra resistance and gains!

  • HIT - Full Body with Glenn

    Get your heart rate up as you move through plyometric movements paired up with some slower and more controlled strength movements. Finish off with a core and upper body burnout. Weights are optional to add extra resistance!

  • HIIT - Full Body with Bryan

    This 45 min. bodyweight workout focuses on cardiovascuar enduarance, speed, agility, and explosive strength. Includes a dynamic warmup and three blocks each having their own focus. Test your limites while keeping your heart rate elevated!

  • HIIT - Full Body Tabata with Brendan

    Alternate through short bursts of intense exercises followed by recovery periods to get your high rate up then calm it back down.

  • HIIT - Abs Express Erica

    Time to burn out the core with this abs focused class. All you need is your mat!

  • HIIT - Full Body + Weights with Roddy

    Full body circuit that focuses on building strength with the use of weights to add resistance.